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Do Type 3R and Type 12/3R safety switches have drain holes in the bottom end wall?

Product Feature

Safety Switch

Applies to NEMA 3R double throw safety switches, relevant to certain NEMA 12 safety switches.

Clarification of standard design features

The NEMA Type 3R (rainproof) safety switches have drainage provisions designed into the bottom end wall as a standard feature. The NEMA Type 12/3R (dust tight) switches will have a drain hole in the bottom end wall, but a screw will be inserted into the drain hole as supplied from the factory. If the switch is to be used in an indoor, dust tight environment (Type 12) the screw should remain inserted into the drain hole. If the NEMA Type 12/3R switch is to be used in an outdoor, rainproof environment (Type 3R), the drain screw should be removed and discarded.
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