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Are there mechanical lugs for EZM3800TBU?

Are there mechanical lugs for EZM3800TBU?

EZM Main Lug Terminal Box 

EZM3800TBU is not provided with factory installed lugs.

Lugs are needed to terminate the incoming conductors

EZM3800TBU comes with lug landing pads and lug mounting hardware. Lug landing pads are NEMA rated and accommodate (2) 2-hole tang lugs per phase and neutral. Studs are 1/2"-13" x 2" on 1-3/4" centers, the studs spaced to accommodate 2" max width lugs. 

Schneider Electric offers mechanical lug kit CMELK4, which includes (4) lugs, each with a wire range of #2 - 600 kcmil Al/Cu. (2) of these lugs can be installed per phase on an EZM3800TBU. This would required (2) CMELK4 kits, for a total of (8) lugs.

Other mechanical and compression are available for this device. Please refer to Drawing #3269:
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