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QO-GFI: Needing assistance with troubleshooting GFI breaker application.

What are the recommended QO-GFI or HOM-GFI troubleshooting steps?  

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to QO-GFI or HOM-GFI breakers


Test the breaker:
1.  Remove load wires and turn on the breaker
2.  The breaker should trip with the yellow test button.   If it does both of these, then the breaker is functioning properly.

1.  Pigtail wire goes to the neutral bar.   
2.  Black and white load wires to the breaker.

1.  Neutral and ground isolated in a sub panel
2.  Check for grounded neutrals, by checking continuity between ground and white load neutral wire.  (remove the load white wire from the breaker while doing this test).  Should have no continuity.  If continuity, then check wiring for neutral and ground wires touching.
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