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ATV21 basic programming VIA or VIB speed ref and terminal start control.

Issue: ATV21: Basic programming

Product line: Altivar ATV21

Environment: All models, all serial numbers 
Cause: Basic Programming for the ATV21 drive.    
Parameter  Settings and Description  
typ Parameter reset 1= 50 hz, 2 = 60hz, 3 = Factory reset
CNOD  Command mode sel  0= terminal control
FNOD Frequency mode sel  1= VIA, 2= VIB
ACC Acceleration= 10 seconds
DEC Deceleration= 10 seconds
FH Max Frequency= 60hz
UL Up. Limit freq
LL Low Limit freq
uL Motor rated freq 60hz
uLu Motor rated voltage 208, 240, 480VAC
THR Motor thermal protection = based on your motor name plate date FLA
F111 LIF selection  F= 2 2 wrie start stop
F112 LIR selection  R= 6 preset speeds
F113 LI RES selection RES= 10 Fault reset
F415 Rated mot. Current = FLA Name plate data
F417 Rated Mot. Speed= RPM data from your name plate
F601  Current limitation

reference ATV21 programming manual  30072-451-63
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