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Controlling the ATV212 with BacNet shows hand control when its in auto mode.

Why does Binary Value Objects Instance #4 HAND/AUTO ACT not change state when the AFC/OFF/BYPASS switch is changed on the S-flex system?

Product Line:  
SFD212 series S-flex

All ATV212 S-flex systems equipped with Bacnet for monitoring AND/OR Control.

Misuse of BVOI#4

Binary Value Objects Instance #4 will change state to indicate if the drive is in local or remote mode.  This BVOI changes when the LOC REM button on the face of the drive is pressed to indicate if the drive is being controlled remotely, or locally from the built-in keypad on the drive.   It will not change state with the HAND/OFF/BYPASS  switch on the front of the S-flex cabinet.
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