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Can the S-Flex be used on a motor that is smaller than the S-Flex rating?

Will an S-Flex work with a motor that has a rating less than the S-Flex rating? 

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S-Flex  ATV212

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The motor and S-Flex ratings do not match.

This is OK to an extent.  The drive HP/amperage rating is a maximum rating.  Therefore, the motor rating must be less than or equal to the S-Flex rating.
Programming the ATV212 with the motor nameplate information, motor thermal current and current limitation will provide motor overload protection.  But other protection features are dependant on the drive rating.  Therefore, it is generally recommended not to use a motor less than 50% of the drive rating.

Also, consider that if the S-Flex has BYPASS, the overload relay amperage range may not cover the motor FLA.  For proper overload protection in BYPASS mode, the OL relay may need to be replaced with an appropriate model.
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