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Where can I download SoMove and DTM files? What is the USB to RJ45 cable required to connect SoMove to the drive using the ModBus port?

Published date: 10 September 2019

Where can I find a link for SoMove?
What cable is used?

Product line:
Variable Frequency Drives and Soft Starts  

All models, all serial numbers   


Below are the Links for SoMove Software and DTMs for AC Drives and Softstarts. 

(Somove: latest version)

(Altivar DTM files for the ATV61, ATV71, ATV12, ATV212, ATV312, ATV32)
(Altivar Process 600 DTM files)

(Altivar Process 900 DTM files)

(Altistart DTM files for ATS22 and ATS48)

All other:
Click on Optional Filters
Select Document Type Group: Software/Firmware
Select a Product Category - Variable Speed Drives and Softstarts
Select a Product Sub-Category - Low Voltage AC Process Drives
Select Product Range -
-  Altivar 61 (i.e. for all Altivar AC Drives DTM)
-  Altistart 48 (i.e. for Altistart Softstarts DTM)
-  Process
-  etc.
Click the Search button
Download the DTM files for Altivar drives and the stand alone file for Somove.
WinZip or 7-Zip Extraction software may be needed for compressed/zipped files.  If needed you can Download Free version 7-Zip from;
The  USB to RJ45 cable part number is TCSMCNAM3M002P
The SoMove 
software is free online, however, you will need to purchase this cable to connect your PC to products via the resident Modbus port.
The USB cable is not required if the Drive has an available Ethernet communication port available. 
The drivers for the USB cable are included as part of the SoMove software.
When installing SoMove, make sure the USB cable is not connected.  Only after the installation completes should you connect the cable to  the PC.

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