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Is there a test kit for the new Micrologic trip units for the PowerPact H, J and L frame circuit breakers?

Product Line:
PowerPact H, J and L frame breakers with Micrologic Trip Units

PowerPact H and J frame Thermal Magnetic breakers are not included.
This includes Micrologic trip units 3.2, 3.3, 3.2S, 3.3S, 5.2A, 5.3A, 5.2E, 5.3E, 6.2A, 6.3A, 6.2E and 6.3E. 

The test kits for the new Micrologc trip units for PowerPact H, J and L frame breakers are the Pocket Tester (S434206) or UTA Tester (STRV00910). 
The Pocket Tester can be used to power the trip unit in order to change trip settings on the breaker.
The UTA Tester can be used by itself to power the trip unit to allow for trip unit settings or in conjunction with a laptop computer with LTU or RSU software installed. The RSU software allows set up of the trip unit while the LTU software performs all of the tests. 
Can the existing test kits Full-function Test Kit (FFTK), Hand-held Test Kit (HHTK) or Universal Test Set (UTS3) be used? No they cannot be used to test PowerPact H, J or L frame breakers with Micologic trip units. 
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