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For circuit breakers that are switch-duty rated, will the breaker have an SWD marking?

Does an SWD rated circuit breaker have a visible SWD marking somewhere on the breaker?

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Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers that are SWD rated per UL489
Some SWD rated circuit breaker show the SWD mark on the front face of the breaker, but other SWD breakers do not have the mark on the front face. Why is that? Is the SWD mark supposed to be on the face of the breaker?  

According to UL489, a circuit breaker with the SWD rating is to be marked somewhere on the circuit breaker. UL allows the SWD mark to be located on the front face, or on the side of the breaker. It can be printed on a label, or can be molded into the breaker case material. The location will depend on the physical size of the circuit breaker, and the available space for the mark.
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