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Is it OK to install a Safety Switch under water?

Are Safety switches rated to be installed and used under water?

Product Line:
Safety Switches: Heavy Duty, General Duty, Light Duty, Double Throw

Applies to all Schneider Electric Safety Switches that are designed and tested to UL98.

At the bottom of a well, there is sometimes a need to have a switch that might at times be submerged under water.

The simple answer is no,
Schneider Electric Safety Switches should not be installed and/or used under water. All the above safety switches are tested per Underwriters' Laboratories standard UL98, as well as UL50 for Enclosures. We do have switches that are rated for outdoor use and exposed to rain and snow (enclosure types 3, 3R, 4, or 4X). But we do not have switches rated for use under water (enclosure types 6 or 6P). Should one of our Safety Switches be submerged under water, it should be replaced with a new switch, even if it had been allowed to dry. This is because moisture and contaminants would adversely affect the proper clearances and insulting properties within the switch, as well as the operation of the switch, which would lead to a hazardous situation for personnel and equipment.

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