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Is there a bolt-on version of the PowerPact I-Line breakers?

Can I-line PP breakers be ordered with a bolt-on configuration?

Product Line:
PowerPact I-Line breakers

This applies to PowerPact B, H, J, L, Q, M, P and R frames

Specification calls for bolt-on breakers

PowerPact B, H, J, L, M, P and R frame breakers have NO option for bolt-on I-line. 

The PowerPact Q frame breaker does have the option for a bolt-on configuration if ordered with the "E" termination option.  For example:  QGE32200.  

The legacy FA/FH and LA/LH are also available with a bolt-on I-line jaw.  To order, a "B" is added in the 3rd character place of the part number.  Examples:  FAB36100, LHB36400.  
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