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How do QO Plug-On Neutral CAFI breakers work without a neutral pigtail connection?

How do QO plug-on neutral CAFI breakers work without a neutral pigtail connection?

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PTFDS - FD Enclosure Systems

QO load centers and circuit breakers sold and supported in the USA.

Clarification of how a plug on neutral circuit breaker installs in a QO  load center without a pigtail wire.

The branch phase and neutral conductors connect to the PoN CAFI breaker just like they do on the pigtail version. Instead of the installer connecting the pigtail of the CAFI breaker to the load center neutral assemby, when properly installed, the QO PoN breaker and load center are engineered to make the neutral connection between them by simply plugging the breaker on the load center interior. The CAFI PoN breaker is designed with an innovative new rail connector that plugs onto a newly engineered design of load center mounting rail that is tin plated aluminum. The load center PoN mounting rail is connected to the load center branch neutral assembly at the factory. In the standard QO load center, the mounting rail is a molded, non-conductive thermoplastic material.

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