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How do you setup the VW3A8114 bluetooth adaptor?

 How do you set up the VW3A8114 bluetooth adaptor?

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Bluetooth connection
1.      Connect a Bluetooth adapter to your computer and the drive.
2.      From your control panel
      2.1 Click on “Bluetooth Devices”.
2.2.   From the “Devices” tab click on “Add”
2.3   Select the checkbox “My device is setup and ready to be found”
2.4.   Click “Next” (your adapter will search for devices and display it if found).
2.5.   Select the device
2.6.   Click “Next”
2.7   Select “Use the passkey found in the documentation”
2.8.   Enter “6699” in the locator
2.9.   for the ATV32 drive, set the PIN code to something other than 0.
2.10   Click “Next” (you should connect to the device)
2.11   Write down the “Outgoing” com port listed in the window (required when setup of PowerSuite).
2.12   Click “Finish”.
3.      Power cycle the Drive
4     Launch PowerSuite.
4.1.   From the “Connections” folder
4.1.1.      Double click “Bluetooth”
4.1.2.      Select the “Outgoing” com port written down from the previous step.
4.1.3.      Double click “Serial Mono drop” in the connections folder in PowerSuite
4.1.4.      Select the com port from the previous step.
4.2.   From the “Action” menu click on “identify”
Note: The default baud rate is 19.2.
See the file attachment for addtional information manual.
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