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What is an O.CF fault on an ATV31 or ATV312 drive?

What is an O.CF fault on an ATV31 or ATV312?

Product Line:
Altivar, ATV31, ATV312 


Motor will not run

O.CF is a phase-to-phase motor short circuit fault.  Check motor windings and motor leads for a possible shorting path.
Other possible related fault codes are OCF and OC.F.
OCF is an overcurrent fault.  Possible causes are incorrect settings in the SET and DRC menus, excessive loading on the motor or mechanical binding.
OC.F is an impedance short-circuit fault.  This is a detected short-circuit or grounding at the drive output. Check the cables connecting the drive to the motor and the motor insulation.  A Megger test at a 1,000 volts of the motor and motor leads should be performed.
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