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What is a QO124M100P?

What is a QO124M100P?
Product Line:
PTFDS - FD Enclosure Systems
QO load centers sold and supported in the USA.
Definition of the new QO124M100P?
This is a new style of QO Load Center, referred to as ``PoN`` (Plug on Neutral), that has a specially designed branch neutral assembly that will accept new style QO CAFI ``PoN`` circuit breakers. The neutral connection from the QO ``PoN`` CAFI circuit breaker to the QO ``PoN`` load center branch neutral bar assembly is made automatically when the QO CAFI ``PoN`` breaker is installed onto the QO ``PoN`` load center bussing. The traditional method of connection was via a ``pigtail`` conductor on the CAFI breaker terminated into the load center branch neutral bar assembly.
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