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How do you setup Metasys N2 on the ATV212 Drives?

Controlling Drive with N2 with start stop and speed reference.
F108 is 0
F807  =1  terminal wiring  or 0 for RJ45
F829= 2     N2 setup
F851= 4   network fault setup
F890=  1 thru 3 for addressing
F892= 300 for a 30 sec time out

To start the drive via network.
Binary output point 3 is CMD
Analog output point 1 is speed freq reference

Monitor status and speed
Binary input point   6 is ETA run status
Analog input point 1 is output speed

For monitoring only everything else the same as above.
FNOD= 1 for VIA or the customer can choose.
CNOD= 0 for terminal start stop
F108= 48

Wiring on Terminals
+ is B terminal
-  is A terminal
Ground is GND terminal
Shield is SCR terminal

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