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What is the part number for an 8910DP/DPA contactor`s auxiliary contact?

Need a part number for an 8910DPA contactor`s auxiliary contact?

Product Line:
NEMA  and Definite Purpose Contractors and Starters

Products sold and used in the United States

Auxiliary contacts are not available for compact 8910DP contactors. If aux contacts are required, consider using an 8910DPA contactor which does have auxiliary contacts available.

The contact configuration and contactor used will determine the specific catalog number. Unless otherwise noted contact modules are not field convertible:

For Series C 8910DPA 20 through 40A devices:
1 N.O. contact - 9999DD10
1 N.C. contact - 9999DD01
1 N.O. contact & 1 N.C contact - 9999DD11
2 N.O. contacts - 9999DD20

For Series B 8910DPA 20 through 90 amp and Series C 50-90 Amp devices. Maximum of two modules per contactor, one module per side:  
1 N.O. contact - 9999D10.
1 N.C. contact - 9999D01.
1 N.O. contact & 1 N.C. contact - 9999D11.
2 N.O. contacts - 9999D20.

For 8910DPA122, 8910DPA123, 8910SYD138, 8910SYD230 and 8910SYD368: Maximum of four modules per contactor, two modules per side.
1 N.O. contact - 9999SX6 (See Note 1).
1 N.O. overlapping contact - 9999SX9 (See Note 2).
1 N.C. contact - 9999SX7 (See Note 1).
1 N.C. overlapping contact - 9999SX10 (See Note 2).
1 N.O. contact & 1 N.C. contact - 9999SX8 (See Note 1).
1 N.O. contact - 9999SX13.
1 N.O. overlapping contact - 9999SX16 (See Note 2).
1 N.C. contact - 9999SX14.
1 N.O. overlapping contact - 9999SX17 (See Note 2).
1 N.O. contact & 1 N.C. contact - 9999SX15.

Note 1: Field convertible.
Note 2: 9999SX9 and 9999SX10 must be used together and mounted on the same side of the contactor. Suitable for applications where it is necessary for a normally open contact to overlap a normally closed contact.
Note3: Addition of 1 module to the Class 8910DPA contactors will add 1/2`` to the overall contactor width. Addition of 2 modules will add 1`` to the overall contactor width.
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