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Do I need to install Java before installing PowerChute Network Shutdown?

Do I need to install Java before installing PowerChute Network Shutdown?]

Product Line:
PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS)

All supported OS



If you go to and choose Software Upgrades - PowerChute Network Shutdown from the drop-down list, PDF documents listing supported JREs can be found.

PCNS Version 3.x, and 4.x

With all supported operating systems except HP-UX®, AIX, and Mac OS XSM, PCNS gives you the option of installing a "private" JRE during an installation of PCNS v3.x and 4.x

However, this "private" version of the JRE, which is specifically for PCNS, will take up about 100 MB of disk space. A PCNS installation takes up about 6 MB of space if you have already installed a public JRE.

PCNS Version 2.2.x

For v2.2.x, the answer varies with the operating system.

On the non-Itanium versions of Windows, PCNS has a bundled JRE 5.0 Update 13. It has to determine whether it installs JRE or uses a version already installed on your system. Please refer to KBase answer ID #9926 for details.

On Linux, VMware, and Solaris for Sparc, PCNS also has bundled JRE version. It gives you a choice whether or not to install the bundled JRE or use a JRE installed on your system. A supported JRE is listed in the Compatibility Chart for PCNS on the APC Web site.

On HP-UX, AIX, NetWare, Mac OS X, and Itanium Windows, Solaris 10 for x64/ x86 , PCNS does NOT install JRE. You must make sure that a compatible JRE version is already installed on your system before you install PowerChute Network Shutdown.

For most operating systems, you can download a Java Runtime Environment from NetWare 6 has JRE 1.3.1. Other versions of JRE are available on Novell's Web site.

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