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REJECT - Duplicate of FA281569 How do you scale the FM analog output on a ATV212 or ATV21 drive?


See (Figure 1) below the FM analog output dip switch must be set to (I) for mA output or (V) for voltage output.  A voltage or current Fluke meter is needed to perform this scale.  Connect your meter terminals to FM and CC.  Program F692 = 0 for 0mA or 0V output low point, or set F692 = 20 for 4mA.
Set FNSL to 15  if you want to monitor motor current in amps or 17  if you want to monitor output motor frequency in hz.  
Enter into parameter FN and it will show 100% on the display in motor frequency mode and it will show rated drives current rating in motor currrent mode. 
Using the up and down buttons on the drive, adjust the upper output limit to 10V or 20mA as measured on the meter.  After the meter shows 20mA or 10V, press the enter key.  Then set FNSL to 0 thru 18 per the programming manual.

analog output slope F691: 0= negative slope or 1= positive slope

                   FM analog output dip switch

                              Figure 1

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