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HCN32742N and Replacement Main Lugs

What is the part number for the replacement main lugs for an HCN32742N 225A main lugs panelboard?

Product Line:
I-Line panelboards sold and supported in the USA.


Can the main lugs in an HCN32742N be replaced, and if so, what is the part number?


Four required for (1) per phase and neutral.

Below is the terminal data for all of the panelboards found on page 9-40 in Digest 177, Section 9. Table 9.187 shows the terminal data for the phase and neutral lugs on main lug panels. Table 9.188 shows the standard terminal for main breaker available for ILINE panelboard (please see page 7-41 of Digest 177, Section 7 or page 3-28 of the Supplemental Digest 177, Section 3 for other terminal options for given breakers).

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