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What are the repair parts for a QMB362T21W, Series E1 (E01)?

Repair parts

Product Line:
QMB branch Switch

Repair parts


The QMB device is a twin switch, meaning it contains two switches in the one device. One side is 30A, the other is 60A. Parts are listed per switch. Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable:
Arc Shield/Suppressor Assembly (1 required) - 4051239950
Load Base Assembly 60A (1 required, includes lugs) - 4051241150
Load Base Assembly 30A (1 required, includes lugs) - 4051242550
Load Base Mounting Screw (2 required per load base) - 4020506501
Handle Knob Kit - 4028343750
Lug Assembly (per lug) - 4025101652
Lug Mounting Nut (per lug) - 2342702001

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