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What is the replacement enclosure for a 2510KW2C?

Issue: What is the replacement enclosure for a 2510KW2C?

Product Line: 2510 type K manual switches

Environment: Products sold and used in the United States

Cause: Replacement enclosure part number needed for 2510KW2C manual switch

Resolution: The cover complete (includes the gasket) is 31057-529-57. The Box (back portion of enclosure) is part number 31056-080-50.
NOTE:The Series A, Class 2510 Type KW2C, NEMA 4, watertight device, was obsoleted 1/02 and was replaced with a Class 2510 KW2C Series B.
Series B consists of a redesigned enclosure (box) and cover assembly. The physical size of the new Series B is almost identical to the Series A except for the overall width of the enclosure (box) is slightly wider - wider by only .15` (5/32`). The mounting holes for the Series B device are identical to the old Series A device.

CTA-ID : 2054225
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