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What the difference is between these 2 contact blocks - LADN22 and LADN22G?

Identifying differences in two part numbers

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IEC contactors and starters

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Determining which part number to order

They both have 2 normally open (N.O.) and 2 normally closed (N.C.) contacts.
The sequence and numbering are different
LADN22 from left to right read : N.O. 53 and 54; N.C. 61 and 62; N.C. 71 and 72; N.O. 83 AND 84.

LADN22G from left to right read : N.C. 31 and 32; N.C. 41 and 42; N.O. 53 and 54; N.O. 63 and 64.

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