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Does the HVL load interrupter switch have a short time value of 3 second symmetrical rating of 25kA RMS?

Our equipment is tested for 2 seconds only, but we can de-rate and provide the necessary 3sec short time rating, and our competitors are doing the same. The relationship between the short time current and time is linear. To break this further down, we have 25kA, 40kA and 80kA ratings on HVL, and they are all for 2 seconds per the ANSI, and we can de-rate for longer times, which will reduce the short time value. The corresponding de-rated values would be 16.6kA, 26.6kA and 53.3kA for 3 seconds rather than 2 seconds.
The NRL switch (ABB) has some values for 3 seconds, but I am not sure if those are theoretical or if they have actually tested for 3 seconds. Most likely, the competitors are also de-rating the short times to obtain the corresponding 3 second ratings. - Sinan Meric

Please keep in mind, when we do these conversion, we also need to get some more specifications on the application.

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