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What is the wire range for AL800P7K lug kit for Powerpact M or P frame breaker?

What is lug wire size of AL800P7K.

Product Line:
Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Powerpact P or M frame breakers

Lug kit number AL800P7K will accept (2) 3/0 - 600 kcmil Al or CU wire; or 750 kcmil COMPACT Aluminum conductors.
Note that the only 750 kcmil wire this lug will accept is COMPACT aluminum.

BEWARE of manufacturer's COMPACTED aluminum wire.  It may be smaller than standard wire but it is not "COMPACT".  Southwire, for example, has a COMPACTED 750 kcmil AL wire with OD 1.068" that will NOT fit in this lug.
The lug OD is 0.954" and the wire must be equal to or less than that dimension to work.
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