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Are Heavy Duty Safety Switches available in different colors other than standard ANSI 49 gray?

Product design features

Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switch

Special paint options


Yes. Optional special colors available include: safety red, safety orange, safety yellow, safety green, safety blue, safety purple, black, white and ANSI 61 gray. All safety colores comply with OSHA Standard 1910.144 and ANSI Specification Z535.1 for marking physical hazards. A minimum order quantity of 10 is required. To order, add suffix SPxx to the safety switch standard Catalog Number as noted below.
NOTE: Special paint option is NOT available on Type 4/4X/5 stainless steel, Type 4X fiberglass or Type 7/9 cast aluminum safety switches.
SP0 = Black
SP2 = Safety Red
SP3 = Safety Orange
SP4 = Safety Yellow
SP5 = Safety Green
SP6 = Safety Blue
SP7 = Safety Purple
SP8 = Gray (Second coat of standard ANSI 49 gray)
SP9 = White
SP861 = ANSI 61 Gray
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