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What are the repair parts for a HU364 Series E1 ( or E01 ) Heavy Duty Safety Switch?

Obsolete design repair parts

Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Repair parts



The parts listed here are the only field replaceable parts.
Complete interior - HUN364E1
Line base assembly - 40560-283-50 (OBSOLETE AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
Arc suppressor assembly - 40512-706-50 (This used 3 per switch but is now obsolete, no replacement) (Obsolete, No Longer Available with No Replacement)
Lug assembly - 40251-162-51 (6 required)
Line base phase insulator - 40520-253-01 (2 required)
Cross bar insulator - 40511-361-01 (Obsolete, No Longer Available with No Replacment)
Dust shield - 40511-362-01
Mechanism insulator - 40511-371-01 (Obsolete, No Longer Available with No Replacement)
Line and load base mounting screws - 40205-065-01 ( 2 required per base)
Handle knob kit - 4028344050K ( Series E Switches only)

CTA-ID : 2052716
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