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What standard applies to operating handle heights on switchgear?

NEC 490.41
The maximum height we should install any hand operated device is 6`6``(78 in.) unless it is a switch handle requiring more than 50 lbs. force which would be limited to 66 in. you can see that 490.41 (B) does allow some devices to be mounted higher but we should try to avoid anything above 78 in. because what may be infrequently operated on one project may be frequent for a different project. We can mount meets and pilot lights above 78 in. but this is not desirable unless necessary since meter faces and pilot light legends would be hard to read if they are too high.

From 2008 NEC:
490.41 Location of Devices.
(A) Control and Instrument Transfer Switch Handles or Pushbuttons. Control and instrument transfer switch handles or pushbuttons other than those covered in 490.41(B) shall be in a readily accessible location at an elevation of not over 2.0 m (78 in.).

Exception: Operating handles requiring more than 23 kg (50 lb) of force shall be located no higher than 1.7 m (66 in.) in either the open or closed position.

(B) Infrequently Operated Devices. Operating handles for infrequently operated devices, such as drawout fuses, fused potential or control transformers and their primary disconnects, and bus transfer switches, shall be permitted to be located where they are safely operable and serviceable from a portable platform.

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