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What size is the screw that comes with the add on control wire tap for a Powerpact P and M frame breakers?

What is the tap screw size for Powerpact P and M frame breakers with tapped hole lugs such as AL800P6TK?

Product Line:
Powerpact P and M frame breakers

Powerpactt P & M breakers with tapped control lug such as AL800P6TK, AL800M23TK, AL800M23TK4, AL800P7TK, AL800P6TK4, AL800P7TK4. AL1200P24TK, AL1200P25TK, AL1200P25TK4, AL1200P6TKU, AL1200P7TKU, AL1200P6TKU4 and AL1200P7TKU4

The screw is a #6 -32.

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