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LA2KT2E and LA2KT2U : What is the power consumption?

Determining consumption of a device

Product Line:
TeSys K Line


LA2KT consumption varies depending on the state of the relay :

Relay is on * Relay is off *
- LA2KT2E : < 1W < 0.3W
< 1VA < 0.3VA

- LA2KT2U : < 0.7VA < 0.6VA

* In the LA2KT, you have a electronic board with a small relay.
When you close the contactor, you also supply the electronic board. During the delay time, therefore between 0 and 30 s, the relay of the timer is off. But you have the consumption of the printing board.
Then, after the delay time, the small internal relay of the timer closes. Now the relay is on and the consumption of the timer increases (circuit board + relay).

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