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What type of breakers are used in the busway circuit breaker disconnects PTPA, PTPH and PTPE? Are these 100% rated breakers?

CORRECTION:  The Legacy circuit breakers for I-Line busway plugs are now obsolete and have been replaced by the Powerpact circuit breakers.  Selection based on SCCR and trip unit required.
Refer to the online Digest for selection of current devices. 

These busway circuit breaker plug-in units all use P frame breakers. The PTPA unit uses a PA breaker (80% rated). The PTPH unit uses the high short circuit version of the PA breaker. The breaker is a PH ( 80% rated). The PTPE uses a 100% rated Micro Logic breaker (PE).

CTA-ID : 2051686

Selection of I-Line circuit breaker busway plugs and the type of breaker included in each devie.

Product Line:
PTLVB - Busways Power IEC & Nema

I-Line Busways sold and supported in the USA.

Selection of I-Line circuit breaker plug in busway devices based on breaker included in each device.

The Powerpact circuit breakers are now utilized in the -Line busway plugs.    Selection based on SCCR and trip unit required. Refer to the online Digestfor selection of current devices.  
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