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Are there any replacement parts available for a QMB3240?

Availability of replacement parts.

Product Line:
QMB panelboard, switchboard with QMB distribution.

Products sold in the United States.

Replacement parts.


Replacement parts are no longer available for the QMB3240 branch switch device. We do, however, have a replacement for the complete device, if a circuit breaker is acceptable in lieu of fuses. This breaker device is catalog number QMB3400LA, and includes a 400 amp 3 pole circuit breaker. NOTE: Along with the QMB3400LA, a plug on extension assembly catalog number QMB310EX will also be required. In addition, since the QMB3400LA requires only 7.5`` of mounting space (as opposed to the 12`` required by the QMB3240), (1) QW1BL and (1) QW3BL blanks are also required in order to fill the remaining 4.5`` of mounting space after removing the QMB3240. However, these old blank fillers are obsolete, no longer available, with no replacement. Suggest installer to have fabrication done at a local sheet metal shop. (A cut sheet for the QMB3240 is not available.) Refer to the Supplemental Digest for additional information about the QMB3400LA.

CTA-ID : 2051368

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