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Does Square D offer a EZM Main Circuit Breaker Main device rated for 1400Amps?

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Square D does not offer an exact 1400amp EZM MCB device. But Square D does offer some 1600Amp MCB devices, in both single and three phase, see the current digest plus selector on-line for the current EZM MCB catalog numbers. The 1600amp MCB devices comes with an adjustable PowerPact R frame breaker. The breakers come with the rating Plug 'A' as standard and as the Long-time Pickup Settings of  0.40 , 0.45, 0.50, 0.60, 0.63, 0.70, 0.80, 0.90 and 1.0.  The setting of 0.90 will allow an adjustment down to 1440amps and if this would not be close enough to the 1400amp requirement, the rating plug can be changed to the rating plug "B". The rating plug "B", has a setting of 0.88 and will allow an adjustment down to 1408amps. For the rating plug catalog numbers, first obtain the exact catalog number of the MCB in the EZM device, then see the current on-line digest plus selector for the catalog number of the rating plug used in these exact breakers. 
NOTE: The EZM MCB devices rated 2000amps DO NOT come with an adjustable Main Breaker.

For the OLD Style EZM 1600amp MCB devices, the standard EZM11600CB (or CBU) and EZM31600CB (or CBU) main devices were built with factory installed PA Frame Circuit Breakers fitted with 1600A PA Rating Columns. The standard 1600A mains had a factory installed rating column kit PA21600RC (1-Phase), and PA31600RC (3-Phase). Rating columns of different ampere ratings are still available for field installation. To convert a 1600A main to 1400A, order and install rating column kit PA21400RC (1-Phase) and PA31400RC (3-Phase). Other rating column kits are available, do not exceed 1600A maximum for these mains.

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