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What are the advantages of using the LC1D##A with Everlink terminals versus the LC1D## without it?

Tesys D Everlink

Product Line:
Tesys D line Contactors

North American Products
Smaller - With a width of 55 mm from 40 up to 65 A, TeSys motor starters save space in control panels. AC and DC contactors have the same overall dimensions.
Install without wires - Special multiple tap-off busbar system allows pre-wiring of power connections. Assemble a motor starter on a single rail using the S-shape busbar system.
Increase reliability - Schneider Electric`s new, patented, Everlink terminal block technology increases tightening quality by compensating for cable creep. Over time, stranded wire cables will relax and migrate. Everlink migrates with it and reduces need to retighten.
Enhance performance - Continuity of service is enhanced by using tested combinations with high breaking capacity. Type 2 coordination allows operation to be resumed faster after a short-circuit

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