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Do NEMA contactors and starters come with auxiliary contacts?

Determing if NEMA contactors and starters include any auxiliary contacts

Product Line:
NEMA Contactors and Starters

Products sold and used in the United States

Determing number of auxiliary contacts needed

The 8502S and 8536S come with 1 NO contact as standard.

To add additional contacts please see part number table below for selection: 
For Use With Kit description Ordering Information
 Type NEMA Size Class 9999
External - Field Convertible
SA-SJ 00-7 1 N.O. contact SX6
1 N.C. contact SX7
1 N.O. and 1 N.C. isolated contacts SX8
1 N.O. overlapping contact SX9 *
1 N.C. overlapping contact  SX10 * 
External - Non-Convertible 
SA-SJ 00-7 1 N.O. Contact SX13
1 N.C. Contact SX14
1 N.O. and 1 N.C. isolated contacts SX15
1 N.O. overlapping contact SX16 * 
1 N.C. overlapping contact  SX17 *
Internal - Non-Convertible
SA-SD 00-2 1 N.O. Contact SX11 #
1 N.C. Contact SX12 #

* - Types SX9 and SX10 or types SX16 and SX17 must be used together and mounted on the same side of the contactor. They are suitable for applications where it is necessary for a normally open contact to overlap a normally closed contact. 
# - Types SX11 and SX12 are not for use on NEMA size 3 or larger. Internal contacts can also be used on Class 2510 types M and T manual starters 
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