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What is the replacement for QE Tenant breakers used in the old style EZM metering Branch devices (For example a QE3200VH, QE2125VH etc)?

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The QE tenant breakers used in old style EZM metering are OBSOLETE, No Longer Available with No Replacements.

The EZM metering was redesigned in approximately 1998 to the current design EZM with new main horizontal bus structure. But the QE tenant breakers were still used until approximately 2003 with the current design EZM branches. The current design EZM branch device catalog numbers were changed from 200amp to 225amp (for example; Old EZM113200 to New EZM113225) and when the branch devices were changed to 225amp, the tenant breaker was changed from the QE to the current Powerpact Q-Frame. The only solution to replace the QE tenant breaker, is to ADD a new complete EZM branch device. BUT depending on the existing EZM metering catalog number, will determine if a EZM TRANSITION section will be required or not. The transition section allows the current design main bus structure of the EZM to attach to the old style main bus structure. 
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