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How does a Q1150AN neutral lug mount on an NQ neutral assembly or ground bar?

For mounting on neutral bar assembly:

1. Remove three adjacent wire binding screws from neutral bar.
2. Mount connector plate to neutral bar using two 1/4-28 screws. Torque screws to 35 IN lbs.
3. Mount neutral branch lug on connector plate with #12-24 pan head screw. Torque screw to 50 IN lbs.
4. Install #1 - #4/0 AWG AL/CU wire and secure wire with wire binding screw. Torque screw to 150 IN lbs.

NOTE: The connector plate, branch lug, wire binding screw and mounting screws are included in the Q1150AN kit. Refer to Instruction Sheet 48040-220-06

CTA-ID : 2048958
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