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Are there Mag-gard (magnetic trip only) versions of Powerpact H, J, L and P circuit breakers?

What Powerpact breakers have are Mag-gard?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Powerpact H, J, L and P Motor Circuit Protectors (MCP)

"Mag-gard" is Square D's registered trademark name for a line of FA, KA, GJ, LA, MA and NA breakers that offer magnetic-only protection, intended to be used as one of the three part of a UL Listed motor controller.
There is a line of magnetic-only Powerpact H, J, L and P breakers that perform the same function as the above devices, but are just not called "Mag-gard". Instead, the H, J, L and P magnetic-only devices are simply called "Motor Circuit Protectors". Same function, different name.
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