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For Powerbus 225, what is the difference between the Tap Box (p.12-2) and the Plug-in Unit Tap Box (p.12-3)?<br /><br /><br /><br />

The Tap Box with part number suffix -TB (p.12-2) is built into a 2 foot section of busway. It is an in-line device. The Tap box configuration code must match the busway configuration code. This device is available for the 100A and 225A busway systems. It can be used as a center cable tap box or an end cable tap box (ETB). If it is used as an ETB, an end closure will be needed to cap the end (slot or bolt) that is not used. The Plug in Unit Tap Box (p.10-3) is rated for 100 amps only and it plugs into any of the available plug-in opening.

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