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How is a XCSDMR7912 and a XCSZR1 set up? What exactly is the Sao and Sar values?

How do the XCSDMR coded magnetic switches function? 

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The SAO is the assured operating distance for a coded magnetic device. In this case, SAO is 8mm per page 94 of the 9007CT0201 catalog. Therefore, when the coded magnet approaches the switch, the contacts will change state at 8mm and remain closed as the coded magnet continues to approach the switch. So closer than 8mm is better. At distances beyond the SAO, the contacts will be unstable, not maintaining a closed condition in all aspects. The SAR is the minimum distance from the switch that the the magnet must move to assure the reset of the switch. At this position, there will be no unstable condition. The contacts will be at their At Rest state.

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