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What is a LOGK2?

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Heavy Duty Safety Swithces




LOGK2 is an optional, supplemental Lock-Off Guard Kit. Installation of the lock-off guard will restrict the inadvertent insertion of a padlock into the lock plates lock-off opening when the handle of the switch is in the ON position.
The LOGK2 can be used only on 60A/600V, 100A/240V, 100A/600V, 200A/240V or 200A/600V,Series F05 (or later), Heavy Duty Safety Switches, NEMA 1, 3R or 12. This kit is not compatible with Series F01 - F04 Heavy Duty switches. For Series F01 - F04 switches, the LOGK2 can be used if the existing handle/mechanism assembly is replaced with the replacement handle/mechanism kit HM0610F, Series F05 (60A and 100A switches only).

CTA-ID : 2048289
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