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Will older style (pre-1986) QOB branch breakers fit into the NQOD or NQ Panelboards?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers and Panelboards

Applies to QOB Breakers, NQOB, NQOD, and NQ Panelboards

QOB circuit breaker have been manufactured since the 1950's. Sometime around 1986, the QOB circuit breakers were given a new bolt-on connector. This design change did not affect their use in NQOB panels. However, the NQOD and NQ Panelboards will not accept the older design connector that was on the pre-1986 QOB breakers. There is no problem using the new bolt-on connector QOB breakers in NQOD and NQ Panelboards. See the below pictures showing the pre-1986 connector and the post-1986 connector.

QOB pre-1986 connector

QOB post-1986 connector

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