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Video: Does SquareD/Schneider Electric offer finger safe covers for use with 9070 Type T and TF Transformer fuse blocks?

Finger safe covers for TF style Industrial Control Transformers

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to Industrial Control Transformers by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Applications frequently require finger safe covers on Industrial Control Transformers

The finger safe covers 9070FSC-1, 9070FSC-2 and 9070FSC-23 are finger safe for the terminals of both Type T and TF TERMINALS only.

The fuse puller accessories (9070FP1) do offer some protection when used and the fuse is in place, however they do not qualify the block for any additional
standards. While the fuse block is CE marked, the fuse puller kit does not comply with European standards for finger safe as it does not require a tool to remove it. However, this may not be critical as SquareD/Schneider Electric does not recommend shipping our fuse block or 9070TF to Europe as the fuses used there are different than those used here. Thus, the customer should supply their own fuse block suitable for the European fuses when the Transformer is to be used in Europe.

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