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How do you select EDB type EPD breakers?

What ground-fault protection breakers are available for NF panelboards?

Product Line:
Ground-fault protection breakers for 480Y/277V panelboards

PowerPact EDB-EPD, EGB-EPD, EJB-EPD breakers for NF panelboards

Need to choose a 30mA equipment ground fault breaker for the NF panelboard.

Only 1P EDB, EGB, EJB breakers are available with 30 mA ground fault protection. They have a EPD suffix and this feature adds 1P space to the width of the breaker.
15 A EDB14015EPD EGB14015EPD EJB14015EPD
20 A EDB14020EPD EGB14020EPD EJB14020EPD
30 A EDB14030EPD EGB14030EPD EJB14030EPD
40 A EDB14040EPD EGB14040EPD EJB14040EPD
50 A EDB14050EPD EGB14050EPD EJB14050EPD
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