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Can a EZM Main Breaker or EZM Main Fusible Switch device be used as a stand alone Main to directly feed a remote load?

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EZM Metering equipment

Main Circuit Breaker or Main Fusible Switch


No. EZM MCB and EZM MFS devices are designed to receive incoming power and to distribute this power to adjoining EZM branch devices via the Main Horizontal Cross Bus. A Main Lugs Tap Box could be connected in a EZM Line up, and be used to backfeed to a remote load. Ampere rating restriction may apply for High Ampere rated (1600A and 2000A) applications. Horizontal Cross Bus used in High Ampere Rated EZM Mains are limited to 1200A maximum and require that Branch Devices and or Tap Boxes be installed on BOTH Sides of these EZM Mains. Example: A 2000A EZM Main Breaker could not be used to feed a 2000A Tap Box unless the 2000A Tap Box would be limited to a total connected load of 1200A maximum. Other restriction may apply, consult The Help Desk at 1-888-778-2733 for assistance.

CTA-ID : 2047001
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