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Can EZM Branch Units and EZM Accessories like Elbows and Corner Sections having 1200A horizontal cross bus be used with High Amperage (1600A or 2000A) EZM Mains?

Can the EZM Elbow and Corner Section be used with the High Amperage EZM Mains?

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Metering Equipment

EZ Meter Pak

Yes, EZM Mains rated 1600A, or 2000A must be installed Center Mounted with Branch Units and/or Accessories extending from BOTH Sides of these Mains.
The completed meter center UL Listed per E131840 as a Modular Panelboard and must comply with this mounting restriction.

Yes. The branch unit bus in EZM has maximum rating of 1200A, so the bussed corner sections do not have to be rated at 1600A or 2000A.
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