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What is the wire range of the lugs provided on the 1006737B horizontal 2 gang meter socket?


Product Line:
Meter Socket

Terminal lug data

The 1006737B meter socket is shipped standard with incoming Line, Load, and Neutral studs only (lugs not included), and the lugs are to be ordered separately and installed in the field. Three lugs will be required (one each for line, load, neutral). Depending on the job and local utility requirements, there are two appropriate lug kits:
ARP00118 - each kit includes (1) double-barrel lug (#6 AWG - 250 KCMIL, aluminum or copper) - 3 kits are required
ARP00427 - each kit includes (3) double-barrel lugs (#6 AWG - 350 KCMIL, aluminum or copper) - 1 kit is required

The out going lugs are factory installed on both meter sockets and will accept (1) #8 AWG - 250 KCMIL per phase and neutral. 

CTA-ID : 2046822
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