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Are The Series A and A-L type hubs suitable for use on NEMA 3R rated enclosures with or without the use of gaskets?

Design features

Product Line:
Load Centers, Combination Service Entrance devices, Meter sockets

QO, Homeline load centers, CSEDs, Meter-Pak devices


The Series A and A-L type hubs are design for use ONLY on enclosures that are supplied with these types of hub opening patterns and are suitable for use with these hubs ONLY. These specific endwall designs have a raised lip with 4 extruded holes for hub mounting screws and no gasket required.
1) S
ome devices come from the factory with a gasket already mounted to the enclosure on the hub opening and these gaskets do NOT need to be removed when mounting the A or A-L hubs.
2) Some enclosures have bottom endwalls configured for use with the Series 'A' and/or 'A-L' type hubs. These enclosures are also supplied with knockouts for cable entry, provisions for hub mounting screws (4-locations), and do not require the use of a gasket.

The Series 'A' type hubs are available for use with 1.00" up to 2.50" conduit sizes and Series 'A-L' type are available for use with 2.00" up to 4.00" conduit sizes.

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