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What is the difference between the IEC rated 16201 ID Residual Current Switch and the UL1053 listed 60969 GFP?<br />It seems that they are both IEC61008 and CE Marked. Both are 25 amp, 2 pole, 240 volt, 30 mA.<br />Other than the UL rating, is there any other difference?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers
Multi 9 (M9)
IEC Residual Current Switch
UL1053 GFP

Electrical Distribution Equipment

The ID Residual Current Switch has IEC ratings for switching.
The GFP was evaluated by UL only as a ground-fault protection unit and was not tested or certified as a switch.

The GFP is an enhanced version of the ID switch with noise immunity and an environmental protective coating for the electronics which the ID switch doesn`t have.
Since the GFP is required to be protected by a breaker, the user is expected to use the breaker for switching.
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