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QO13040M200C Series S1 Load Center Repair Parts

What are the repair parts for a QO13040M200C,  Series  S1, Load Center?

Product Line:
PTFDS FD Enclosure Systems

QO load centers sold and supported in the USA. 

Selection of available repair parts for the Series S1, QO13040M200C load center.

Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable.
Cover - QOC30UF
Interior Assembly - QO13040M200I
Neutral Bonding Screw - 4028344850K
Main Circuit Breaker - QOM2200VH
Indoor Cover Mounting Screw - 4020513002K
Indoor Cover Door Hinge - 4028356450K (Kit contains parts to repair one hinge)
Door Latch Kit 4020284450K
Main Circuit Breaker and Main Lugs Keps Nut - 2342702001

CTA-ID : 2045323
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